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Gimme Something Real

New Year 2022 - Protest Against the Unreal, The Fake, The Non-Tangible Nothing is REAL anymore. We are starting a revolution, an affirmation to choose things that are real. We are tired of being a data point to be marketed to. People getting rich off our information. We are done with being tracked everywhere we... Continue Reading →

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A 4×6 Brag Book – It’s a Thing! (A Real Thing!)

My partner MaryLee went to Cincinnati for her niece's wedding and took along a small Olympus XA2 35mm film camera loaded with a single roll of Ilford HP5+ Black and White Film. Good setup if you have decent light--the camera sports a 35mm f3.5 lens. She photographed some of the behind-the-scenes that she had access... Continue Reading →

NFTs: A Sign of Desperate Times

They're Beanie Babies, not Picassos. It feels like NFTs are this generations' way of saying, "I don't care about anything real. No stuff. I don't want any family heirlooms or any 'things', I just want my computer so I can become an influencer and not have to work and I'll get rich and have a... Continue Reading →

We Have Choices Today. I Choose the Analog. The Tangible.

Like vinyl records versus digital CDs. Tube versus solid-state guitar amplifiers. Home-cooked meals versus microwaved. Hand-written (or typed) greeting cards versus emails. Film versus digital photography. Traditional photographic prints versus NFTs. I'm in the tangible art business!~Kenneth Wajda I make film portraits using 20th-century techniques and cameras and print in a traditional darkroom. For those... Continue Reading →

Golden Age of Analog Photography

We are really living in it, a new golden age of analog photography. Sometimes we can't see something while we're in it. You can either be in the mountains, or off the mountains looking at them--they're impossible to see while you're in them. But there couldn't be a better time to be an analog photographer.... Continue Reading →

A Photographic Revolution In the Air

Alfred Stieglitz, photographic pioneer I'm reading a biography of the legendary photographer, Alfred Stieglitz by Dorothy Norman. I'm finding it a fascinating read, how he challenged rules. When he was young and played sports, he often wanted to change the rules of the game. In his photography and his life, he wanted to not "hit... Continue Reading →

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