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Gimme Something Real

New Year 2022 – Protest Against the Unreal, The Fake, The Non-Tangible

Nothing is REAL anymore. We are starting a revolution, an affirmation to choose things that are real.

We are tired of being a data point to be marketed to. People getting rich off our information.

We are done with being tracked everywhere we go. We’re taking back our lives, choosing things that are real.

We’re done with 24-hour news bloviating on with sensational reports and being lied to.

We’re tired of people basing their politics on memes they’ve seen online. We’re done with the bullshit.

We choose to support small businesses over Amazon, Walmart, and other big box stores.

We choose to put family and friends first.

We value time spent together and experiences over wealth-gathering.

We prefer a small home over a stately mansion.

We choose to work hard enough to have enough, not work so hard for more money at the expense of living fulfilling lives.

We choose to cook our food over fast food and microwaved meals.

We choose vinyl records over CDs and Spotify and Pandora.

We choose hand-written greeting cards over emails.

We choose film photography and making photographs–real pictures–over Instagram and digital phone snapshots which are never seen and worthless.

We choose real mailed letters and typewritten notes. With typewriters, because they’re cool!

There’s a REALIZATION that there’s a need for a revolution, a rising up. Like Bob Dylan sang about in the 1960s, this is our time to stand together and make a change, choose what we want for ourselves.

We want to be more than just zombies staring at our phones, so desperate for human connection we allow their constant interruptions because they know we need to be needed.

We want more than just the internet and computers and staring at screens all day long.

We value spending time with friends over sitting at home with TV.

We make music. We make art. We are doers, not watchers. We don’t want to watch other people live on some TV program, we want to live.

So, we do.

In the new year, I plan to schedule a regular series of Gimme Something Real gatherings of film photographers, musicians, typewriter enthusiasts and other people looking to live a real life, not an online one. Follow this blog to get updates on where and when, and you might be able to lead one of these gatherings in your town. Would you attend? Let me know at

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