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NFTs: A Sign of Desperate Times

They’re Beanie Babies, not Picassos.

It feels like NFTs are this generations’ way of saying, “I don’t care about anything real. No stuff. I don’t want any family heirlooms or any ‘things’, I just want my computer so I can become an influencer and not have to work and I’ll get rich and have a big house and a hot car by winning the internet lottery.”

Being totally fungible people–all alike and completely replaceable, the exact opposite of the term ‘non-fungible’–they are the perfect summation of all that is wrong and how the internet is damaging those coming out of school now. They’re looking for a free ride, not to make quality lasting work.

Some of it is there are no good-paying living-wage jobs for them. They were told, “Go to the gig economy, rent out your bedroom, your car seat, drive food deliveries, all for no benefits, and you too can make very little money.” They’re deep in college debt and they see NFTs as a way out for them.

This isn’t virtual. It is an actual artwork for sale that serves as part of a room’s decor. It’s a framed photograph, not a digital NFT. It actually exists, a real object.

As creators, they aren’t interested in creating value, they’re not concerned about delivering quality photos (Instagram) or videos (YouTube), but will put out anything that gets them popularity and followers so they can make a buck. Many have been asked what they want to do once they graduate, and they’ve said, “Be an influencer.”

Have you seen the Tiktok and FB reels? Many depict something “funny with outrageous reactions,” or people “showing kindness to strangers.” only they’re completely fake, made to get likes and views using actors and scripts.

Nothing is real. Show me some truth!

It’s the desperation generation.

~Kenneth Wajda

Desperate for a buck. Willing to do anything for it. And without it, they end up nomads, sleeping in cars, homeless. We have more people moving onto the streets in America. We need a war on desperation.

The book Jerry Mander would write today is “Four Arguments for the Elimination of the Internet.” instead of “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.”

The internet has the ability to make society better or worse. Once we permitted social media followings that were “grown” if the user would just open their wallet, I lost trust in the ability of it to turn a valid product.

I make photographs, I make real tangible art. I often use film to create tangible art because it matters to me that my work is quality and lasts.

But in this NFT world, everyone’s chasing a freebie. Today’s Beanie Baby.

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