Defeat The Digital Dark Age With One Box

For the millions of people who will lose their business and family photos this year to failed hard drives, lost cell phones, unpaid cloud accounts and other types of digital demise, I feel for you. For the clients of mine, business and families, who've made prints of my work for their offices and homes, thank... Continue Reading →

Vernacular Photography (aka Snapshots): Time Slices of a Different Era

There's just something about a snapshot from yesteryear, with its ubiquitous white border, its black and white tone (and sometimes color) in sizes rather on the small size. Many of these photographs were 3x4" or smaller. Below is a gallery of photos selected from a case full of pictures purchased at a flea market that... Continue Reading →

Gimme Something Real

New Year 2022 - Protest Against the Unreal, The Fake, The Non-Tangible Nothing is REAL anymore. We are starting a revolution, an affirmation to choose things that are real. We are tired of being a data point to be marketed to. People getting rich off our information. We are done with being tracked everywhere we... Continue Reading →

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